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Unleashing Generosity through collaborative giving

Network for Social Change

“For people who want to do more than just sign a cheque”


The Network for Social Change is a giving circle of individuals funding progressive social change, particularly in the areas of justice, peace and the environment. The Network tends to favor projects that address the root causes of a problem, not the symptoms. These may include projects that are innovative, highly-leveraged, and/or difficult to fund. They are often quite “radical and risky: challenging rather than cuddly”.

The Network approaches critical social and environmental issues in a spirit of optimism and commitment; it seeks consistently to fund innovative thinking and enterprising projects. It often identifies those initiatives that find it difficult to get support from more conventional sources.

Membership in the Network is by invitation and membership is strictly confidential. Anyone who agrees to the obligations of membership can apply.  After an application and interview process, the Network decides whether to issue an invitation.  Members pledge to give a minimum of £3,000 per year and to participate in the work of the Network.

“Network membership helps us discover more interesting social change projects than we can find on our own. Even if we can only afford to give the minimum, we all enjoy feeling part of the larger whole. We find that the process of sponsoring and assessing projects gives meaning to our donations, in a way that simply writing a cheque does not.

Our processes are designed to help members gain confidence and experience in grant making and in supporting progressive social change. We also learn and are inspired by meeting with the amazing individuals and groups that we fund. We create a safe space to reflect on personal issues around money and to share experience. For some it’s a huge relief to discover their personal giving priorities and start to feel less burdened by all the good causes they choose not to fund.”

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