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Unleashing Generosity through collaborative giving

Resource Generation

“Leveraging resources and privilege for social change”

Founded in 1998, Resource Generation organizes young people with financial wealth to leverage resources and privilege for social change. Their Family Philanthropy Program organizes young people who want to transform their own family funds and the field of family philanthropy to support social change.

Their local chapters engage in activities including donor circles, impact investing and campaigning for fair taxation. In addition to their annual conference, Making Money Make Change (see below), they have an annual retreat for young people who participate, or want to participate, in their families’ philanthropy and are committed to progressive social change

Making Money Make Change (MMMC) is Resource Generation's annual 100-person gathering for young people (ages 18-35) with wealth who believe in social change. MMMC is a confidential space to explore issues related to wealth, privilege, philanthropy, and participation in grassroots movements for justice and equality. Through workshops, discussions, and community-building activities, participants support, challenge, and inspire each other to align their resources with their values and work for personal and societal transformation. While participants are young people with wealth, social movement leaders and nonprofit practitioners from other class backgrounds are invited to speak, facilitate sessions, and attend the entire retreat.

"At MMMC I found what I was looking for and more - motivation to have hard conversations about wealth, income disparities, and class, a better understanding of the financial system and my place in it, and a group of people committed to unpacking difficult, complicated systems to move toward a more just world. I was moved and challenged by others' stories about the role of financial and class privilege in their lives and inspired by the variety of models presented for making change. I came out of the conference driven to shift the way I invest and give, and to start talking to family members about wealth and justice in new ways."