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A Much Better Investment


Network for Social Change

London, England

Ingrid vividly remembers when her mother first told her she would inherit a lot of money... She had known that her family was well off because she had gone to a private school, she had a horse, and the family took skiing holidays.  But she didn’t know they were very wealthy. She was shocked and didn’t really want to think about it.   more  

From the Prairies to Picasso


The Funding Network

London, England

Fred wasn’t born to wealth. He grew up in a remote community on the Canadian prairies 35 miles from a paved road and 150 miles from the nearest city. He never knew his father, who was killed in World War II. When he was nine his mother married a grain farmer who made a meager living from insufficient acreage. Their house had no indoor plumbing and it was an isolated life.   more

An Act of Trust


Resourceful Women and Women Donors Network

California, USA

Marta Drury grew up working class. Her parents started a company that they ran out of their bedroom, and from the age of six Marta and her siblings worked in it. Having grown up during the Depression, her parents' most important values were hard work and thrift.  more

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