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Unleashing Generosity through collaborative giving

Women Moving Millions

“Changing How the World Sees Philanthropy”


Women Moving Millions is a global philanthropic initiative whose goal is to inspire gifts of a million dollars or more to organizations and initiatives that advance and empower women and girls. Membership is open to women who have made a gift with the total value of a million dollars or more to organizations and initiatives that work toward the advancement and empowerment of women and girls.

In partnership with the Women's Funding Network, Women Moving Millions started a global movement of over 166 women's funds that invest in women-led solutions to critical social issues such as poverty and global security. In May 2009, Women Moving Millions announced that more than $182 million had been raised through partnerships between 102 donors and 41 women's funds. This groundbreaking achievement exceeded the original goal of raising $150 million!

Giving at historically new levels to women and girls, women have propelled the collective financial assets of women's foundations past the $1 billion mark by raising close to $200 million in new gifts of a million dollars and above as of January 2011. This significant infusion of investment will be a force for change and opportunities of women and girls around the globe, with reverberations for entire communities and countries. Together, women's funds will create sustainable advances in areas from community leadership and education to poverty eradication and healthcare access.

“Women Moving Millions is quietly attracting new members as we plan for our emergence as a new organization and bold philanthropic movement. The scope and potential of your investment is as boundless as your imagination. Whatever the issue that drives and inspires you, there’s a way to express your personal passion through this initiative. Our network of 160 women’s funds touches almost every corner of the globe – from New England to Nepal.”